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Can I create a video project from the web dashboard?
Can I create a video project from the web dashboard?

Yes captain! Since Feb 2022!

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Yes, it is possible to create and edit a video project from the Kannelle web platform ( since February 2022!

Let's see together the main steps and features.

1. 🔒 Access to the project creation

The project editor is available by going to > [Your group in the left menu] > Projects > "Create a new project" button at the top right of the page.

Depending on the preferences of your Group Administrators, some users with the role of "Creators" will have authorized or denied access to this feature. If you are denied access, contact your administrators.

2. 🎞 Creating a video project

The current version of the video editor on the web platform has very similar features to those available on Kannelle mobile applications.

2.1. Choice of title, format and media to import

When you create a project, you can choose a title, a format (square 1:1, portrait 9:16, landscape 16:9).

You can import the desired media (photos or videos) at the start of your project but also continue and import them later when editing your video project.

These media will be stored in your project but also saved as a precaution in the "Graphical elements > Library" section of the group in which you created this project.

Click on "Select media" to validate your selection.

Then "Create the project" to start.

2.2 Editing the structure of the video project

As on mobile applications, a project is made up of the following elements:

A video project can be composed of "Recordable" type scenes (video or photo) and "Slides" type scenes (full-screen text animations)

A horizontal carousel, similar between the web interface and the mobile interface, allows visualizing all the scenes of a project.

In this carousel, the user can :

  • Re-order the scenes (by selecting a sequence and moving it with simple "drag and drop")

  • Duplicate a scene (by clicking on the icon of superimposed documents)

  • Delete a scene (by clicking on the trash can icon)

  • Add a new scene

Each sequence can be edited. The editing interface contains :

  • On the bottom: the timeline of the scene.

  • On the left: the video player of the scene.

  • On the right: the editing elements of the scene.

2.3 Editing a sequence containing media (photo/video)

On "Recordable" type scenes (photo/video), the user can perform the following actions on the right of the video player:

  • Resize the video/photo by cropping the image (rectangular "crop" icon located next to the name of the imported file).

  • If the sequence is a video, activate or deactivate the audio volume of the video.

  • Shorten the sequence ("trim"), at the beginning or at the end, by entering a numerical value in the "Start (seconds)" or "End (seconds)" fields. This trim action can also be performed directly from the timeline by changing the start and end limits of the media. The timeline can then be zoomed to improve the precision of the trim.

The video sequence has been shortened ("trimmed") at the beginning to 2.17 sec and at the end to 10.76 sec.

Then, directly in the timeline, you can:

  • Add/remove a text animation on the sequence and decide when this animation appears.

  • Add an overlay or Picture-In-Picture (photo or video) on top of the imported media that will be in the background

2.4. Editing a full-screen text animation (i.e. "cardboard")

On "Slide" type scenes, the user can perform the following actions:

  • Modify the nature of the text animation from a list of animations proposed by Kannelle (by clicking on the pen icon under the "Scene animation" section).

  • Edit the text of the animation within each text zone provided by Kannelle. Most of the text zones are limited to 70 characters to preserve the dynamism of the video.

3. 🎬 Finalize the video project

Once all the sequences of the video project are completed, go to the finalization stage of the project. To do this, at the top right of the project editing window, click on the "Next" button, under the step called "Finalize".

3.1. Previewing the complete project

The real-time video preview player, web subtitling and intelligent sound level modulation are under development and will be included in future versions of this feature.

3.2. Addition of graphic elements, volume and switch between animation families

This finalization stage is intended to allow the addition of the same parameters as on the mobile application.

In this version, the user can:

All available presets before finalizing you video project (graphical charter elements, music, audio settings, animations).

  • Change the style of graphic animations (with city names) that apply to the text animations used in the project.

  • Add a logo among those allowed in the group

  • Add an intro jingle among those allowed in the group

  • Add an outro jingle among those allowed in the group

  • Change the background music among those allowed in the group, via the Kannelle library or corporate music

  • Adjust the sound volume of the background music and the audio track of the videos as well as the presets

    • to homogenize the sequence volumes,

    • to apply a "ducking" effect to the music between sequences without and without audio tracks,

    • to apply a "fade out" effect on the music at the end of the video.

  • Change the graphical animations (with names of cities), the selection of a frame and the colors between Kannelle's default ones and your group's corporate ones.

3.3 Generating and playing the final .mp4 video

When your graphical elements have been applied, click on the button

You will be provided with an estimate of the time remaining to generate your video.

Once your project is finalized, you will be able to play, download or generate a read-only share link of your video file!

That's it!

Happy creating! 💚

The Kannelle team.

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