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How to moderate users' video projects?
How to moderate users' video projects?

Set the options for sending and sharing videos made by your collaborators by disabling permissions.

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You are owner or administrator of your Kannelle team account? 😃
Moderate the projects created on the Kannelle application by setting up the download and share options for your users. This will allow you to view creators’ contents and prevent your collaborator to export or share videos before your approval.

Here are the main steps:

👩‍💻 Make sure the people whose content you want to moderate are creators in the "Users" tab. (As a reminder, creators have the rights you determine for them).

✅ Verify that online backup is enabled in the company settings. (For more info, see the article How do I save my finalized videos from mobile to the web platform? )

🔓 In the "Permissions" tab, check that the line "Allow online backup of projects" is enabled for creators

🔐 Next, disable the following 3 permissions for creators to prevent them from freely exporting and retrieving the content they have created.
Allow the bulk download of the scenes
Users can no longer export video to the phone's photo/video gallery with or without subtitles.
Enable to share project
Users can no longer export media to the phone's photo/video gallery.
Enable to download project
The action on the share icon is not allowed.

💡 NB: Permissions are managed by Group. A permission disabled in Group A, is not disabled by default in Group B. If your users are active in several groups, you can either disable the same permissions in all groups, or disable in group A the permission "Enable to duplicate a project" in addition to the 3 permissions mentioned above, to avoid the project being duplicated in a group B where all permissions are active.

🚀 On the mobile application, creators can only send you the video on the dashboard.

🤓 Access (with your admin or owner role) the backup projects in the "Projects" tab. View all the videos of all the users in the group and download the video(s) if necessary to give them feedback (outside Kannelle)

🎨 Creators make changes if necessary and save again

🎉 You (admin or owner) will see the new version in the "Projects" tab

Any questions? Need help with settings? Feel free to contact us!

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