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How do I know the role of my user account (Creator <Admin <Owner)?
How do I know the role of my user account (Creator <Admin <Owner)?

There are 3 methods: via mobile, via web or through support :)

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What are all the possible roles?

Your company can assign several roles within your group of users:

Legal point of contact: authorized access to your company account settings but blocked access to Kannelle business functions (creation of video content, creation of graphic elements, etc.). A user with the role "point of contact" does not count as a Kannelle license. This is only the case if this user also combines a business role below (Owner> Admin> Creator) in one of the company's groups

Owner: access to all the features of company settings as well as group settings. All permissions are locked by construction with the value "allowed" so that the owner always has access to all features. Owners have access to both the mobile app and the web administration platform.

Administrator: this role is inferior to the Owner. He has access to all the functionalities of the groups in which he was appointed Administrator (uploading logos, intros, outro) but not to company-level functionalities. All permissions in the Kannelle application are not authorized by default, but Owner users can modify these permissions to block them. Admins have access to both the mobile app and the web administration platform.

Creator: this role is inferior to the Administrator. He only has access to the creation of new videos from scenarios authorized by the Admin / Owners. Access is prohibited with regard to company settings, organization of graphic elements, updating user permissions, etc. Currently, creators therefore only have access to mobile applications (iOS and Android) and do not have access to the web administration platform (, except if the group's Admins gave Creators the permission to access the "video editing" feature on the web dashboard.

How to know my role within a group of my company?

There are three methods:

1- In the mobile application, navigate in the left menu then, under the name of your group, read the role that is displayed (Owner, Administrator or Creator). If you are in more than one group, your roles may be different depending on the group.

2- Ask people you know are Admin or Owners. They have access, via the web administration platform ( to the table of all the users of a given group, with their roles.

3- Ask us through the customer support chat. We would be delighted to help you :)

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