This functionality of sending finalized videos to the web administration dashboard is available within the Pro Plan (

Step 1: Check that this feature is activated in your company workspace

The 1st step is to go to the web administration dashboard ( to authorize this feature of saving videos to the web.

Go to "Company settings" then check the line "Projects backup" :

Step 2: Start the backup of your finished video on the mobile side

Go to your Kannelle mobile app. Restart it (by forcing it to close and relaunching it if necessary). This will ensure that the authorization of the backup functionality has been taken into account on the mobile side.

  • Go to the list of "Finished projects"

  • Choose the video to save

  • Click on the "down arrow"⬇️ icon to open the export menu

  • Select "Save to dashboard"

  • Clicking on "Save to dashboard" starts the backup instantly if you have WiFi, and you are asked for confirmation if you are on 3G / 4G. Without internet, however, it is not possible to send the final video to the web.

  • Starting the backup should open the backup window and a progress bar should display from 0 to 100%

Step 3: find your .mp4 video on the web administration platform

  • Currently, the saved .mp4 video is accessible on the web administration platform only if your user has an "Owner" or "Administrator" role. "Creator" users only have access to the mobile application and not to the web dashboard.

    NB: Read the article "How to know the role of my user account (Creator <Administrator <Owner)"

  • Finally, you will find your final video in the web Dashboard > Groups > [Name of your group where the project was finalized] > Projects

Good backup !

Kannelle Team 💚

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