Hello everyone,

In this new version of the web application, you now have the need to inform within your company a legal contact point ("Point of Contact"). This information has two objectives:

  1. Licenses: in the short term, this allows you to grant this role to the administrative manager of your subscription at Kannelle, to give her access to the web platform, without this being counted as a user license within your subscription. You can thus fully benefit from the management of your licences in complete autonomy . Indeed, this "Point of Contact" can add another person as a Kannelle user or add herself.

  2. Updates of the legal documentation: in the medium term, knowing the legal contact at your place will allow us at any time to be able to submit to you more fluidly any updates of our legal documentation (T&C, documentation on compliance with the European GDPR, etc.)

To fill in or modify your legal Point of Contact, go to :

> Company settings

> Point of contact

Happy filming!

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