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New on Kannelle iOS v6.2.10 - New text animations are available
New on Kannelle iOS v6.2.10 - New text animations are available

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Hello the Kommunity!

Here are the new features of this new iOS v6.2.10 version.

  • New "transparent" animations in the "From Scratch" scenario: you already know the Motion Design animations available in the "Key Figures" scenario as well as in the "From Scratch" scenario. Until now, these animations had a 100% opaque background.

    From now on, you also have these animations available with a transparent background, which allows you to put a photo or a video (with or without sound) in the background of these animations 💪

New Motion Design text animations with transparent background
  • Resolution in 1080p (Full HD): when you make videos with sequences of heterogeneous resolutions, we take the maximum of these resolutions and harmonize these resolutions upwards in the maximum limit of 1080p... because it remains rare to want 4k videos at all costs 😉

    We noticed that on iOS, the import module automatically reduced the size of a 1080p video if it judged that the size of the import was too large (graphic resolution, soundtrack quality, number of frames per second, all increasing the bit rate).

    We have taken this into account to ensure that the maximum resolution is maintained up to 1080p as best as possible.

We look forward to following your work 💚

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