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Here are the main reasons why you may be having trouble connecting to the Kannelle application.

1. Check your internet connection

Whether it is the Android/iOS mobile applications or the web dashboard (, the success of your connection depends on an internet access.

If you are on the mobile network (3G, 4G), try to do it again on a Wifi network (or vice versa).

2. Check your login and password

Your login and password are the same for all Kannelle services (iOS/Android/Web).

Your login corresponds to the professional email with which your company administrator registered you on the web dashboard ( If you do not remember the email with which you are identified, contact your Administrator.

Your password is known only to you. We do not store it and we do not know it (we use authentication services, cryptography, and security of digital identities managed by our partners Auth0).

Please note that the password is case sensitive (upper case vs. lower case) and blank spaces are taken into account.

3. Forgotten password

If you are not sure of your password, you can generate a new one.

To do so:

> Go to the mobile app or web dashboard ( to get to the login form.

> Click on "Don't remember your password?

> A link to reset your password will be sent to your login email.

4. Your login works on the mobile app... but not on the web

Access to the web platform is (for the moment) reserved to users who have been granted "Owner" or "Administrator" roles by their company. Without this, by default, users have a "Creator" role.

With this "Creator" role, you have access to the mobile applications but not to the administration features available on the web platform unless your Administrators allowed Creators in the Permission section to access the video editing feature on the web dashboard.

Ask your Administrator to check on Kannelle's dashboard what is your current role or chat with us.

5. Your connection works on the web... but not on the mobile app

On mobile device, an error during the login might appear with the following message: "Oops!, something went wrong" (see screenshot below).

Message d'erreur à la connexion sur appareil mobile - Oops something went wrong

If your connection works on the web platform, it means that your role is "Owner" or "Admin", and that your user account is functional.

The blocking on the mobile side is explained by a setting on your phone that blocks the connection.

Here are some settings to check on your phone:

5.1 Identify the default browser on your phone

On Android :

App "Settings"

> Three small dots in the upper right corner

> Select "Default apps"

> Then in Browser app, you can identify your default browser. We recommend Chrome.

On iPhones/iPads (iOS):

Select the browser app you would like to use by default (Chrome or Safari for example),

then App "Settings"

> Search for the desired browser app (e.g. Chrome)

> Default browser app

> Replace the existing one (e.g. Safari) by the desired app (e.g. Chrome)

5.2. In the default browser, check that browser cookies and Javascript are accepted

In the following example, we assume that this default browser is "Chrome" but the process to follow is similar on another web browser app like Safari or Firefox.

Open your default mobile web browser app (e.g. Chrome, see 5.1).

> Click on the three small dots at the top right and enter "Settings" (cogwheel)

> Enter "Site settings"

> And check here 1/ that cookies are "allowed" and 2/ that Javascript is "allowed".

On iOS:

On Chrome on iOS (iPhone/iPad), cookies are automatically allowed and remain enabled, even if they can be deleted. So, the problem of unauthorized cookies does not exist. For this reason, we recommend that you use Chrome by default on your phone (see 5.1).

However, if you use another browser than Chrome on iOS such as Safari, the same manipulation as on Android is possible by going through the "Settings" app of the phone then :

> Select the "Safari" app

> In the Safari settings, check that the option "Block all cookies" is "disabled".

> Then go to the "Advanced" option

> And check that the "Javascript" option is "enabled".

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