Hi folks!

Here are the main updates in this brand new v6.2.9:

  • Add video player in subtitles edition view: from now on, you can now see your finalized video in the same screen as the subtitles edition form! We know... that was about time! It will be much easier for you to correct the first suggestions of the Speech-to-text technology in case it did not get what you said right in the first attempt 🤗

Video player in the subtitles edition form to ease the edition.
  • Allow user to use auto-correction during subtitles edition: still in the subtitles edition form, we recently added the auto-correction suggestions right on top of your keyboard. Once again, you will win a lot of time when editing your captions!

Text autocorrection in subtitles edition form to ease the edition.

We also added some minor performance improvements, as usual 🔥

Have a great day 🍀

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