New in Kannelle Android v4.10.19

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Hello all!

In this new Android version, you'll find the following improvements:

  • Dynamically append the video format to all new project title: since several video formats are available in Kannelle (portrait 9:16 / square 1:1 / landscape 16:9), we automatically add this information to the title of your new projects.

  • Display the same name of your music files in all platforms: consistently to what we did on iOS, your corporate music files' name is now the same between the web admin dashboard ( and your Android mobile app.

  • Decrease the video min duration to 0.5 sec for all video scenes: This minimum duration has been harmonized through the mobile app. Note that if you record or import such a short video on a scene when a longer text animation what present, you'll get an alert to warn you.

  • Stop duplicating imported videos in the media gallery: as we did on iPhones, we now stop duplicating the imported file in the device gallery. We only duplicate videos that we recorded through Kannelle mobile app.

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