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Hi there!

A new version of Kannelle Web App (v2.7.4) is available on It gathers the following improvements:

👪 Groups' users:

  • Improve the UX when searching a user (especially on large datasets) by showing a loader instead of freezing the application

🎨 Groups' color of animations:

  • We found and fixed a small bug causing crashes when a color field was filled with an opacity value in some rare cases.

📝 Collecting your feelings about Kannelle (Net Promoter Score in particular):

  • Now, we can better collect your feedbacks thanks to non-intrusive surveys that will pop from time to time at the bottom of the web dashboard. Feel completely free to be honest, transparent and direct! And of course, you can also chat with us at any moment thanks to the chat icon at the bottom right of each page.

And other small improvements we hope will make your experience on Kannelle smoother 🎁

Let's keep in touch!

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