New on Kannelle iOS v6.1.19

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Hi Kannelle community 👋

Here is what's new in this version: lot's of small but pleasant improvements

  • “Key figures” motion design animations are now available in your “From Scratch” template

  • Kannelle display has been improved for iPhone X/11/12

  • We now allow canceling the video processing if you've select "I'm done!" and changed your mind

  • We optimized the full-screen text animations by decreasing their minimum duration from 3 sec to 2 sec (except for heavy motion design animations such as in Key Figures scenario). Your videos will look more dynamics!

  • We now allow you to import any video file whose duration is greater than 0.5 seconds (against 2 to 5 seconds in some cases). You'll have more freedom to use the video media you want and will be warned if importing a short video could cut a text animation before its end.

  • We also improved or fixed small other issues to make Kannelle usage smoother 😉

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