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How can I check the resolution of a video file?
How can I check the resolution of a video file?

Depends whether you're on iOS, Android or Desktop

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It is possible to use several methods to find out the resolution of a video file. Here are the main ones that can be useful.

Checking the resolution of a video file on a Mac computer

  • > Open the Finder

  • > Select your video file to analyze

  • > Right click on it (i.e. click with two fingers on the TrackPad)

  • > Select "Get Info"

  • > In the "More info" section, you will find the "Dimensions" field which will give you the resolution of your video file (ex: 1920x1080). The default unit is the pixel.

Check the resolution of a video file on a Windows computer

  • > Open the folder where your video file to be analyzed is located.

  • > Right click on the file

  • > Go to Properties

  • > Go to the Details tab,

  • > The frame width and frame height information corresponds to the resolution of your video.

Check the resolution of a video file on iPhone / iPad

On iPhone/iPad, it is not directly possible to read the technical information of a video file from the photo/video gallery. To do so, there are two options :

  • either install a third party application whose mission is to read this technical information.

  • or transfer your file to be analyzed to your computer to do the analysis.

If you want to stay on your iPhone/iPad, installing a third-party file analysis application is the fastest and easiest way. We recommend that you install the free "Investigator" application.

Once "Investigator" is installed, follow the steps below:

  • > Open Investigator

  • > Select the photo file icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.

  • > Select the file you want to analyze

  • > Select "Send"

Investigator then gives you information about the file name, its resolution in pixels (which is what we are interested in here!), but also the size of the file or its duration or number of images per second.

Check the resolution of a video file on Android

  • > Open your photo/video gallery application

  • > Select the file to be scanned

  • > Select the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • > Go to "Details"

  • > The "Resolution" field will then give you the dimensions of your video in pixels as well as other information such as the file size in MB.

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