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My video resolution seems too low, what should I do?
My video resolution seems too low, what should I do?

It's all about the resolutions of your rushes

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In Kannelle, depending on whether you import your video sequences from the photo/video gallery of your device or whether you film directly from the mobile application, we take the maximum resolution of your sequences within the limit of 1080 pixels high (for a landscape video) and 1920 pixels high (for a portrait video).

If a video is composed of several sequences of different resolutions, then we use the maximum resolution (respecting the maximums of 1080p and 1920p mentioned above) and we stretch the sequences in the lowest resolutions in order to produce a video in .mp4 format.

Therefore, if you feel that the quality of your video is low, there are three possibilities:

(i) Either you have filmed your sequences from the Kannelle application, so you need to check the resolution of your native camera application.

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(ii) or you have imported sequences from your photo/video gallery. In this case, check the resolution of these sequences.

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(iii) or you are watching your final video on a computer whose screen resolution is much higher than the resolution of the device with which you made your Kannelle video project. You are therefore "stretching" the video to very high resolutions! But be reassured, if you want to share your videos on social networks or similar, a 1080p or 1920p resolution is more than enough for human viewing.

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