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How can I make a screen recording?
How can I make a screen recording?

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Saving your screen depends on the device you are navigating on. Here are some practical recommendations.

Record my screen on a Mac

A free solution to record your entire screen, only a tab or only a sub-section of your screen, is to use the free "Quicktime Player" software.

Quicktime Player is available for both Mac and Windows computers.

Once Quicktime is installed, follow the steps below:

  • > Open Quicktime

  • > In the Quicktime menu, click on "File".

  • > Click on "New screen recording".

You then have the possibility in the dedicated sub-menu to choose whether you want to save all or part of the screen.

Record my screen on iPhone/iPad

Since 2018, a screen recording option is directly available from the iPhone/iPad settings.

To activate this option 😊

  • > Open your Settings application

  • > Go to the "Control Center" menu. The Control Center is the shortcut you have access to when you "swipe up" from your iPhone/iPad. By default, it usually contains the options to activate/deactivate the airplane mode, wifi, screen brightness, etc. We will add the option to enable/disable screen recording.

  • > Select "Customize Controls". You will then see the controls already included and, below, those you can add.

  • > Look for the screen recording option (red button). If the option is not already in the included controls, then press the "green plus" icon to add it.

From now on, from any screen, if you "swipe" up (i.e. scan movement on the screen from bottom to top), you will have access to the screen saving shortcut. Simply press the round icon to start recording. Then do the same to stop it.

NB: If you want to activate or deactivate your microphone while recording your screen, press deeply on the screen recording round button and tap "Microphone on/off".

Record my screen on Android

Saving your screen to an Android device is not yet a feature included by default in phones/tablets at the time of writing this article. It is therefore necessary to install a third-party application from the Google Play Store.

We recommend that you install the free application "Super Screen Recorder".

To record your screen:

  • > Launch the "Super Screen Recorder" application.

  • > This will open a small camera widget on your screen.

  • > Click it to open several options. Save screen is the red button.

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