Yes, sound optimizations are currently being made in beta version for some Android users:

  • Activation of the automatic harmonization of sound levels between different scenes: if a person speaks very loudly on one sequence and then whispers on another, then we help you to equalize both sound levels.

  • Activation of the automatic fade out at the end of the video: whether or not you use an outro video jingle (with your logo and musical signature), we help you to automatically activate the gradual fade out of the music in order to make a smooth transition towards the end of the video.

  • Activation of the automatic "ducking" between recorded scenes and full-screen animations: if your video project alternates filmed shots and sequences with full-screen animations (also called "animation slides"), then you can decide to (i) automatically decrease the volume of your music on recorded sequences and (ii) increase it on animation slides.

These features will be progressively diffused to all users.

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