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How does Kannelle help to record good-quality rushes?
How does Kannelle help to record good-quality rushes?

Advice in camera view, stabilization, silhouette...

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Helping Kannelle users to record/shoot good quality video footage is one of our major struggles!

  • Today, we automatically stabilize the video during capture

  • The silhouette drawn for the interview formats also allows you to obtain a good framing (it helps indirectly to respect the photography "Rule of Thirds") which ensures a pro side.

  • Finally, we also make available in the camera screen the capturing tips specific to each sequence, by clicking on the small information icon (you can leave it open during the recording or close it if you wish).

In the future, we will continue to help you by going even further on helping you record great rushes.

We'll keep you posted 😇

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