Long story short, yes. To make it longer, yes because the SCORM format applies to LMS learning modules and not to video files.

Indeed, the SCORM format ("Shareable Content Object Reference Model") is a set of standards and specifications used for e-learning systems (LMSs). It standardizes communications and data exchange formats in an XML format (a code file where content is hierarchized with different tags).

The SCORM format therefore applies to the learning blocks created in LMSs (or to the LMSs themselves to accommodate third-party learning blocks).

In our case, Kannelle produces videos in standard format (.mp4), and not training modules.

Let's use a metaphor to understand :)

To make a metaphor, it's as if Kannelle produces gasoline (here our videos) and we are asked if our gasoline is compatible with the European safety standard for vehicles (here the LMS modules) . Gasoline is only a classical input to the vehicle, not the vehicle itself.

Another analogy that you can find on the net: imagine de Kannelle produces videos to be burned on DVDs. The "SCORM-dvd" standard applies to DVDs to be played by Toshiba or Sony players. It does not apply to input videos.

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