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Can I modify Kannelle's scenarios or must I follow them strictly?
Can I modify Kannelle's scenarios or must I follow them strictly?

They are only suggestions. You do whatever you want.

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The scenarios offered by Kannelle are public scenarios that correspond to the most frequently encountered use cases within the company: announcement of good news, employee testimonials, product tutorials, coverage of an event, etc.

These scenarios are presented to you with illustrative videos. For example, you will find in a video 10 pre-recorded example sequences to give you an idea of the framing or the expected response format.

However, these scenarios are suggestions and you can deviate from them entirely. For example, you can :

  • Choose to shoot the sequences in the order you prefer

  • Choose not to record all sequences

  • Respect or not the recommended duration of the shots (a stopwatch will go from green to orange then red if the duration is exceeded, but you will keep all your sequence)

  • Duplicate or delete a sequence (for example if you particularly like a "lower-third" text animation, i.e. an animation which appears on the bottom of the screen, and you want to use it several times)

  • Reorder your sequences

  • Modify the default text for graphic animations.

We are here to help and you remain free to create your own videos.

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