One of Kannelle's main added values is precisely to guide your teams in the best possible way to produce professional videos, respectful of your scenarios and charted.

Indeed, as Administrator of your Kannelle company space, you can already authorize or block a certain number of functionalities for your collaborators whose role is "Creator" (i.e. no administrative rights on your company space).

As an illustration, as Admin you can :

  • decide which scenarios you want to make available to your collaborators and which ones you prefer to disable

  • decide which animations you want your teams to be able to use and which ones you prefer to disable

  • decide which music your collaborators can use and which ones to hide

  • choose the pre-settings of your groups that your collaborators can modify or that must be blocked (choice of logo, position of the logo, size of the logo, choice of the introduction jingle, choice of the conclusion jingle)

  • modify the roles of your collaborators (Admin / Creators) to give more flexibility to the most resourceful team members and better guide beginners.

In the future, we will complete role management to allow Administrators to :

  • check the videos of collaborators before publishing them

  • create sample scenarios for his or her company

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