What does a group contain in Kannelle?

Users, Logos, Jingles, Colors, Fonts, Music

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In Kannelle, your company can manage one or more groups (this number may vary depending on your subscription plan).

In a group, you can define the following elements (those followed by an asterisk * are mandatory elements):

  • A group name*: this name is free. It can correspond either to a brand managed by your company (e.g. the Accor group manages both the Novotel and Formule 1 brands) or to a department of your company (e.g. R&D workspace versus logistics workspace) or to a color scheme (e.g. blue group versus green group). You decide ✌️

  • A list of users* who will have access to this new group. To add or remove users linked to this group, as well as to modify their access rights, use Kannelle web dashboard (or check our articles related to managing users' access rights)

  • One or more logos

  • One or more introductory video jingles, which you can add at the beginning of each of your videos

  • One or more conclusion video jingles, which you can add at the end of each of your videos

  • A combination of colors*: these will automatically apply to the graphic animations on your video projects. Color codes are in RGB or Hexadecimal format (rgb(0,0,0) or #000000 for black for example). We ideally recommend 3 colors in addition to black and white.

  • One or more font files: these fonts will automatically apply to text animations on your video projects. Without corporate font files, text animations will be available in our default Kannelle fonts. Font files have .otf or .ttf extensions.

  • One or more music files: the important thing here is that you have the right to use this music (avoid the latest hit by Rihanna or Drake if you did not ask for permission 😅). The music can have a .mp3 or m4a format.

  • The video projects saved from the mobile devices towards the web dashboard and the video projects directly created from the web dashboard.

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